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For over four decades many of you have written to me wanting to know more about Jim Croce, A.J. Croce and me. You have asked about who the real “Leroy Brown” was, who Jim’s songs were for and about…you have wanted to know where A.J. is performing, or about why Croce’s left the Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego and moved to Croce’s Park West in Banker’s Hill. Well this is the portal that will give you that information!

Please write to me. I love to hear from fans and look forward to hearing from you.

Warm Regards,
Ingrid Croce

Latest News & Blog Posts

Jim Croce’s State Department Tour!

When Jim graduated from Villanova University in 1965, he traveled for the State Department as a “musical” cultural liaison. Then, on August 28th, 1966, one week after our wedding day, he went away to Fort Jackson, South Carolina with the Army National Guard. We had no money, but his love letters came every day and our passion [...]

Fifty years ago today, Jim and I were married (August 28th, 1966)

When Jim asked me to marry him, I was a freshman at Rhode Island School of Design. We drove to Cape Cod for our first romantic weekend alone together. And on a windy winter’s night Jim played a melody he had written for me called, “Ingrid”, a forerunner to Time in a Bottle. He placed a diamond engagement [...]

Cash Box

When we found out we were going to have a baby in 1971, Jim gained a new sense of urgency.  Fearful that this was his last chance to “make it” in the music business, he wrote “Time In a Bottle.”  That same week he composed and recorded “Operator, (That’s not the Way it Feels),  “You [...]

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